Research and Data-driven Design and Optimisation of User Interfaces and Experiences (UX)

User Experience Mapping - where it all begins

User Experience Mapping is the first step on the journey. Driven by data analysis, customer interviews and intuition, to really impact customer experience and business performance we must first understand what people are actually trying to do with the website/application or eCommerce store.

Understanding the audience(s)

Customer Profiling comes next - the key business goals of brand education, or the brand voice of casual conviviality may not be appropriate when the customers context is understood - they may be in a rushed, stressful situation in which the typical approach taken for a new customer would only lead to disenchantment with the brand.

Don’t re-invent the wheel

Starting with best-practice is the wisest move - while some brands are contrarian by nature and desire to break the norms, for most brands adhering to digital and cultural norms for the audience will lead to the best results.

No shortcuts: USer Testing

Testing in small groups generates powerful feedback, but testing should always be done in an agile way so it doesn’t over extend project timelines - the best testing comes from live data, so be ready to move quickly once a new interface is launched.


Ongoing data analysis and testing is the only way to make sustained improvements in experience and business outcomes. Much is said of A/B and Multi Variate testing but executing meaningful testing using these techniques requires significant volumes of traffic and a very strong understanding of psychology and human behaviour. While many practitioners claim to use these techniques, few have the ability to generate real results beyond simply installing the software and generating a report.

Chosing the right partner

UX design is a philosophy, an art and a science. It can make the difference between success and failure in all digital businesses. Talk to us about how you should be investing in this area and what the potential business impact could be based on our extensive experience working in your industry. We will identify the best UX / Customer-Experience Design Partner of the Group that will fit with your needs and ambitions.



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