Engaging and Activating Target Audiences:
Driving Marketing & Brand Performance

The rise of digital - particularly eCommerce and social-media - had a fundamental impact on the marketing industry. As a result, most of the dominant industry holdings that built their growth on advertisement-centric business models and charging high commissions are now facing existential structural problems. With respect to the new level of transparency offered by systematic data gathering and analysis, many of the “intuitive” statements of “marketing gurus” about what works and what doesn’t will have to be critically reviewed.

In contrast to the traditional marketing holdings, the Together Marketing Group™ was build by bringing together native digital marketing agencies: best-of-breed experts along the entire service value chain, from creative for omni-channel campaigns, over performance marketing and SEO, all the way to multi-channel customer-retention marketing. Together, they have all it takes to target, reach out, engage and sustainably activate your target audiences, with a clear focus on results. Needless to say that we firmly believe that Activation should not begin when Strategy ends. On the opposite, our experience shows that the best results are achieved when Activation and Strategy Development are actually driven in synch. Let’s meet and we are happy to explore further.

Our Service Portfolio:
Covering Key Competencies & Key Audiences for Growth

A real Business (Innovation) Partner

The Together Marketing Group is much more than just an outsourcing partner: an entrepreneurial business partner. As such our value proposition reaches far beyond cost optimisation compared to your internal marketing alternatives: its not just about spending the budget, but its all about achieving results. That’s our entrepreneurial ambition. And to find smart new ways rather than following old comfortable tracks. As such, we think of ourselves as a real Business Innovation Partner.

Our Work

We are proud of a very broad and diverse collection of work spanning vast collections of industries which ranges from mid-level to global corporations, from challengers to industry leaders, from start ups to heritage brands. Have a look at some of our content service work:

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