Building powerful Real-Estate Brands and Designing world-class Digital Experiences

Commercial real estate is going through a huge change and is certainly showing no signs of slowing down. Like many industries, disruption is here, now; and those that adopt digital and technology will reap the rewards.

How DO you maximiSe the opportunities for branding in real estate?

“Branded” real estate is often understood as a licensing partnership between a well-known designer brand and a property developer. We have a broader perspective: we believe that every single development project not only has the potential to be positioned with a clear branded identity, but that branding will be key to attracting interesting investors. Driving premiums and thereby enhancing your returns. Let’s explore the opportunities for branding your projects - for both the on- and off-line world.

Finding new ways to activate potential INVESTORS GLOBALLY

Activation involves the creation of all marketing collateral, including brochures, models, CGIs, micro-sites, as well as the sales and marketing suites, etc. While one might be tempted to prioritise the aesthetic perspective and rely on interior designer for laying out the suites, our experience shows that successful activation and performance is led by a careful consideration of the customer journeys - which often results in very different interior curations.

With respect to maximising the global reach it is critical to ensure modularity facilitating international logistics so that your suites can easily travel to wherever your customers might be.

How TO leverage technology for HIGHER REACH?

Digital solutions have the power to overcome distance and is the natural compromise between the richness of physical experiences on one hand and the geographical reach to potential investors on the other hand: with the right designs and digital applications it is now possible to deliver exciting digital experiences to clients globally, 24/7. Based on our experience we help you to considerably expand the scope of your sales and marketing reach, while further enhancing the richness of your clients’ experiences which ultimately increases response.

Let’s get inspired and explore your future together.

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