Driving Customer-Centric Transformation and making Business-Services smart

Our experience shows that even very successful industrial players often miss out opportunities for taking their customer-services to the next level. Still many processes rely on print catalogs, spreadsheets or even fax or phone calls, where time and resources could be used in a far more efficient way.

talent attraction and empolyer branding

With increasing competitiveness to recruit and retain talent the digital age makes it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd. Communcication of the brand purpose and it’s values becomes as important as the external communications of any industrial corporation. Companies that focus on Employer branding will be able to attract the right talent faster and retain it longer, while the rest will risk losing their competitive edge.

CRM-Activation & Retention Management

With increasing competitiveness, many companies have to intensify their customer marketing efforts. Starting by understanding customer journeys and finding out what really drives customer decisions. While finding more ways to build up their own global CRM-database, companies will have to develop ways to systematically unleash the potential of their established customer base. A lot can be learned from advanced consumer-product and retail-brands.

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