Leveraging Digital at every Touch Point along the Customer Journey

With most booking decisions being influenced by travel agencies or by booking portals, it becomes increasingly important to attract potential customers and engage them with an extraordinary digital user experience. Our research shows that even top luxury hotels have substantial room for improvement when it comes to optimising their online user experience. This is why we developed the Guest-Journey Auditing Framework which allows us to systematically discover and seize opportunities for improving service performance. With our data-driven research capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to ensure that your online brand experience matches your real-world service experience. 

social-media is key for generating desire

In the pre- and post-booking period, social media is decisive for influencing the hospitality-brand perception. To optimise your social brand positioning, and maximise opportunities, brands should offer a variety of ways for channeling positive - but also negative - experience, and thereby carefully control their digital image. 

social-Proof at Checkout is proven to uplist conversion

Social Proof in the checkout is regularly resulting in conversion rate uplifts of over 10%. This also provides further opportunity for consumer engagement into social channels that are being used for brand communications, driving retention and lifetime value.

Blending physical and Digital Experiences

But with all the importance of digital experiences pre- and post-booking, an emphasis needs to remain on creating fascinating and lasting impressions when people visit your resorts. The question becomes: how to best leverage and blend new technologies with physical experiences and impression, to really create a unique customer journey.

CRM-Activation and Retention Marketing are decisive for growth

Acquiring new customers is many times more expensive than retaining existing customers. In many cases the customer relationships are "owned" by license partners, so hospitality brands must develop appropriate ways of building their own global CRM-database. A lot depends on how this data is leveraged for future success. Understanding the right segmentation and defining appropriate ways to engage and activate the respective segments is decisive.

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