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The Together Strategy Group is born out of customer frustration about traditional big brand and business strategy consulting firms. Certainly, they often have the resources to provide excellent research and analytical services, and they increasingly discovered the importance of reaching beyond conceptual paperwork and engaging in implementation. But effectively most of them still operate on and defend their old consultancy business models and increasingly suffer from a key deficiency: the lack of entrepreneurial spirit, as well as the human-centric approach and leadership experience which has become a critical success factor for successfully digital transformation and innovation for existing organisations and bringing new business models to life.

Next-generation Business & Brand Strategy Consultancy:
Focus on Innovation, Transformation and Incubation

If you are just looking for validating your business as usual or slight, evolutionary improvements, we might not be the best partner for you. Our ambitions reach far beyond. We believe that we live in a period of fundamental changes affecting all industries, and that the future belongs to the leaders that are ambitious to seize the arising new opportunities. We want to work with customers that are ready to re-think and change the rules of the game, rather than trying to follow the footsteps of others - like-minded, entrepreneurial people that share our passion to drive innovation and performance, on all levels. And that share our firm belief in the human-centric focus on customer, people & partner-relationship management.

As a result, our portfolio of professional strategy consultancy and implementation services differs from that of the mainstream consultancies, which is still very much coined by the production-centric perspective of the industrial economy. In contrast, the Together Strategy Group puts Innovation, the Brand and people, i.e. a variety of internal and external Audiences, at the centre, resulting in the following strategic service lines, click to find out more

A Global Business (Innovation) Partner with a focus on Humans and Business results: Performance & Growth

With offices in London, New York, Vancouver, Dubai, Sydney, Melbourne, Shanghai and Singapore

The Together Strategy Group is much more than just a consultancy: an entrepreneurial business partner, or - how we like to call it - an anti-consultancy consultancy. While others typically want to sell you lengthy strategy projects which eventually lead into execution, we address the critical activation questions which often cause ambitious projects to fail at the very beginning of the project. Execution therefore starts at the very first day of our project. This is a substantially different way of thinking about strategy projects, and particularly about change management or business transformation.

From our own entrepreneurial experience we know that people are critical, which is why we do not believe in purely rational war-games based on moving physical assets around. We are also fully aware that whilst the big picture is certainly decisive, you will go nowhere without a well-grounded, operational plan that specifies the key steps ensuring effective execution. That’s how we interpret “Focus on results”. Needless to say that this work requires experienced practitioners that have been there themselves, rather than “school-buses” with Junior strategy apprentices that come just to learn on your project.

Our Work for Retailers and Brands:
well-known Category Leaders and Ambitious Challengers

We are proud of a very broad and diverse collection of work spanning vast collections of industries which ranges from mid-level to global corporations, from challengers to industry leaders, from start ups to heritage brands. Have a look at some of our content service work:

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