Learning from Fashion Brands:
How to accelerate time-to-market and to generate the next hype

Many consumer-product brands are (still) heavily relying on their existing wholesale & retail distribution network. This is the reason why they could not fully exploit the eCommerce potential so far. In the future, a lot will depend on breaking the compromise: staying loyal to the important distribution network AND maximising opportunities for direct-to-consumer sales. 

social-media communication is key for making trends

With relatively short product lifecycles, the success of consumer-product brands largely depends on how well that manage to activate potential customers and how well they are capable of maximizing conversion rates in all of their channels. The challenge is that they might not control directly all of the channels, which implies an effective orchestration of their distribution-partners network.

CRM-Activation and Retention Marketing are decisive

Acquiring new customers is by far more expensive than making follow-up sales to existing customers. As most customer-relationships are "owned" by retailers, consumer brands will have to develop appropriate ways of building their own global CRM-database. A lot will depend on how this data is leveraged for future success. Understanding the right segmentation and defining appropriate ways to engage and activate the respective segments across a number of different product categories is decisive. 


The speed Consumer products, such as mobile phones has increasingly accelerated their pace. In fact, there are many similarities between the design, production and marketing cycles of fashion brands with consumer products. It is all about time-to-market and creating the next hype. Let’s talk, we are sure that we have interesting insights to share.

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