Promoting new TV-Formats across Asia with Performance Marketing & Social-Media Communication

Our first project with HBO Asia in 2017 was to develop a regional tactical campaign for the launch of a new comedy series. HBO permitted Overdose to work with various social media platforms and communications, which they had yet to employ for the Southeast Asia region. We exceeded the targets for impressions by 600% and video views by 150%, with targets reached well in the first half of the campaign period. Beyond the primary performance measurements, we also achieved valuable user-generated content and engagement.  

Following the success of that campaign, Overdose were invited to run the social media campaign for a promotional event of Game of Thrones, one of HBO's landmark fantasy shows. By midway through the campaign period, we exceeded the Client’s targets for Impressions, Clicks and Video Views by 100% to 300%. This collaborative partnership continues to be a win-win opportunity for all parties, with Overdose consistently engaged to active new series.


The Agency: