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A Strategy Consultancy, Technology Solution Development and Creative & Digital Marketing Agency Alliance




“We looked around and could not find the entrepreneurial strategy, technology & marketing powerhouse of our dreams - so we decided to build it ourselves.”


COMBINING Consultancy, Creative, Commerce & COMMUNICATIONS
with a hands-on, entrepreneurial, human-centered & results-driven approach,

Uniting the best-of-breed founder-led strategy consultancies, agencies and technology providers that are passionate and ambitious to challenge and change the world; and care equally for people and results. Joining our creative forces, we shape the future of brands and of the emerging social commerce - where the customer journey increasingly shifts from a one-on-one to a socially-influenced and even collaborative, co-creative experience.

So what differentiates us from the big strategy groups? We are not only talking about it, we’re doing it: developing strategic architectures, building new brands, paving the ground with new technology solutions, growing new businesses by attracting and retaining the right people and customers. That’s the entrepreneur within us. Constantly searching for opportunities to innovate, we discover and seize exciting new ways of blending brand experiences in stores and the physical world, with digital interactions through social media, eCommerce and mixed/virtual reality. At anytime and anywhere.

What differentiates us from the big marketing holdings? We’re not limited by internal competition, but thrive on a strong culture of collaboration - combining our individual strengths to outgrow ourselves and maximise the impact for our clients. While embracing diversity, our Group culture is based on 7 shared core values:








And what distinguishes us from the big tech groups? While we are fascinated by and deeply understand the possibilities of new technologies, we firmly believe that people come first. That determines our human-centric approach which differentiates our creative in strategy, technology and in marketing. In other words, we don’t end with “activation”, but rather address your specific activation challenges from day one on.

That’s because we share a clear purpose: To encourage and support retailers and brands to engage with people through higher purpose, more relevant experiences, to empower the individual and foster meaningful relationships that create a sense of connectedness, mindfulness and belonging. Ensuring successful transformation, incubation and growth for the brands. And caring for the human perspective in an increasingly digital world. Thereby leaving a footprint that reaches far beyond an award-winning project, and that is even more fulfilling than changing the structure of the creative industries.